Thursday, July 22, 2010


Visual Strategy
1. Split columns
to tell the same story in two different views, first and third person view, showing two separate kingdom.
2. Sounds
drums-to allow time to past and catch up with the other story.
animals- to express sounds that are from another kingdom, the animal kingdom
3. Mirror text
to show us that the story is now at the same place, time, kingdom.
4. Column bridges
to show us that the story is still in the same time but in a different place, kingdom.
5. Italian text
symbolize thoughts?

In Valerie Laken's essay, "Separate Kingdom," she takes us into an odinary family and show how they lived their lives in a modern world surrounded by technology. This family consist of three members, Colt as the father, Cheri as the mother and Jack as the son. Colt recently lost his thumb at work from operating a machine. From that he soon realize that he feels like he is growing apart from being human, like he is drifting away from the human kingdom and into the animal kingdom. He felt as if he is in a separate kingdom from his family now that he has lost his thumb. But what he doesn't realize is that he's been in his own kingdom from the start. Colt, Cheri, and Jack, even though they all live under the same roof, they have their own way of enjoying themselves. Colt, normally glued to the TV, Cheri has her Tae-bo, and Jack has his Xbox, separated from each other by technology. All three of them are in their own world, their own kingdom without even realizing it and normally comes together when it feels urgent. Laken's purpose of writing this essay is to show us how technology can separate us, separating us into our own kingdom, destroying the meaning of family.

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